RC Mosquito 3.0 Happens To Be The Most Exciting Among RC Flying Gadgets


Flying gadgets are the most happening toys of the generation and ever, and not only the kids, but also the grown up members of your family might find these RC gadgets to be the most exciting ones. So far the very common among the flying gadgets were the RC Airplanes, Cars, Helicopters and Cockroaches too, but this time it is the RC Mosquito 3.0, the most exciting flying beast among your collection of RC flying gadgets.


No one could have ever thought of making this deadly blood-sucking insect to sit in the palm and then make it fly as you wish. The RC Mosquito 3.0 has orange colored eyes that are powered by LED, and it stands with its six legs and glowing eyes, which gives a more deadly look. The launch pad also acts to play as a charger to the gadget.


This new 6.5 inches long micro RC Mosquito 3.0 is like any other flying helicopter that comes with a handheld Control Transmitter. In all, this amazing flying gadget can be an exciting indoor entertainment for your kid at home and you as well. This ready to fly R/C Mosquito 3.0 indoor gadget in orange and black can be a perfect gift for all ages this Christmas.

Via: [Techchee]

3 thoughts on “RC Mosquito 3.0 Happens To Be The Most Exciting Among RC Flying Gadgets

  1. Kirstel.

    Cool toy, making blood suckers controllable, thats an interesting thought. The look and the specs of this RC toy, is also cool, was thinking of an added capability, it being able to actually sanitize and kills real deadly mosquitos, if so this will be the ultimate mosquito superhero, it can chase around mosquitos everywhere.

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