Mousing Gets a Facelift with USB Multi-Touch Keypad

Brando has known to surprise its user by bringing onboard amazing capabilities to its plethora of high-tech USB Gadgets, and this time it didn’t do anything different when it comes to its brand image, but definitely changed the way we look at our mouse. The USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad can easily outsmart any mouse or touchpad on an extra-engineered laptop.


Offering a gadget with Touch capabilities is more of an industry standard, but who could imagine such action could also be brought to a mouse. The Multi-touch Smart Pad has has two finger and three finger functions. The two finger functions are similar to what a regular touch pad lets you do on your laptop namely tapping, magnifier, rotate, Zoom in, Zoom out, Vertical scroll, and Horizontal scroll. The more appealing features like switch between windows, Open My Computer, Page Down and Page up are categorized under the three finger functions.


The Multi-Touch Pad also seeks to rectify a major defect in compact laptops is absence of dedicated number pad. To make the whole experience a breeze, Brando allows switching between the number pad and regular functions with a click. No word on Mac compatibility, but Windows XP/Vista will lend the necessary support for this touch pad. Brando would sell these for $40 buck which is not more considering the kind of functionality it offers. To know what other Tech brands are offering under the Touch-sensitive section, check out the Apple iTouch Widescreen ARC2010, Biometric Finger Print Door Lock and the Guten Touch Interactive Surface.