Computer Desk LED Plexiglass Case Mod is the Heart of all Geeks

Computer Desk LED  Plexiglass Case Mod

I bet your first reaction to be hung open jaws with the first look to this Computer desk and actually I was also the same boat brother on a first look to this and amazingly thought of myself of being a inhabitant of 24th century instead of 21st. I didn’t know machines apart from cars would be so beautiful. This geeky Computer Desk LED Plexiglass computer case Mod is the Miss Universe of all the computer cases ever seen. As mostly people try to save their money and stick to modding a typical computer case but I bet no geek would be able to resist having this device as this Modder has taken things into a new level as an entire desk has been built to house his computer. Its not only have great looks case but with a most advance featured computer with a CPU speed of 2.40 GHz and bus/core ratio: 9, on a mother board of Intel Q6600 G0 @ 3.5 and With Abit IP35 Pro, get prepared for the latest 65nm and next generation processing. It also has other latest features like:

Computer Desk LED Plexiglass Case Mod

? RAM 4 x 2 GB Corsairs DDR2

? With HD 2900 XT 512 MB video cards which performs exceptionally well and

supports Direct X10.

? The sound card is latest Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite pro.

? It also has 2x Ultra 550W PSU.

? Western Digital 2x 500GB platters.

? One hard drive is the Seagate Pata 320 GB.

? WD Caviar Blue SATA Hard Drives 250 GB is also included in the list!

Computer Desk LED Plexiglass Case Mod

I’m clueless now to get any more devices to be added up with a computer. This should be the dream machine of all the geeks.

Computer Desk LED Pexiglass Case Mod

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Via: HackNMod