Kisai series of Sensai watches from Tokyoflash

kisai watch

Tokyoflash brings to us yet another sensational series of watches that make you feel they are alive with bright led, cool design, and a fashion sense. The new Kisai Series of watches have a face made up of negative lines and different shapes, and the important thing is to figure out how to tell time with these watches, since most Tokyoflash watches specialize in the way they depict time. The Kisai Series of watches have twelve red, eleven greed and four yellow LEDs that represent hours, five-minutes groups and single minutes respectively.

tokyoflash kisai

The Kisai Series of watches bring out a new fashion statement in style. The Sensai watches give you a high grade Aluminum comfort feel with an alumite finish and multicolored LEDs with acrylic lenses to make them look sharp and truly immaculate. It has an animation feature that brings the watch alive and comes in two colors, black and silver only. You can read more about the Kisai Sensai Series of Watches at Tokyoflash. At $242, it comes with a three year warranty and is produced in limited numbers, each watch containing a unique serial number.

kisai sensai

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