NES Controller iPhone Dock Mod

iPhone dock

If you are tired of using your Apple iPhone on the same old dock, there are a number of users out there who share the same problem as you have. The new and advanced NES controller iPhone docks will surely help you address the problem get the maximum out of your favorite mobile phones. The NES controller can also be used to play games, apart from doubling up as a great docking station for the Apple iPhone.

The docking station makes sure that you get the best features out of your favorite phone and gives it the best style make over ever. The modifications to the NES have made sure that the apple iPhone is completely functional while it is docked. You can still receive calls and watch videos on the beautiful device. Do not wait any more, the NES controller dock will soon run out of stock. Get the docking station for yourself today for $39.99 and let your friend’s envy your latest gadget.

nes iphone dock mod

Additional mods for docks that were created are the NES Cartridge iPhone Dock, the Dreamcast Dock, and the Laser Cut version.

Via: Dvice