Controller Like Calculator Makes Math Fun


One of the first digital machines available to man was not some video game or a sports watch, but the good ol’ calculator. Agreed, we’ve had our share of far more interesting cool gadgets over the years, but this new X-cool calculator, which is shaped like a game controller, takes us down memory lane when there were no other cool gadgets to boast of.

I have had my share of struggle with math lessons in this life, and I wish I had this calculator on me back in school. Not that it would make me better at math, but the class wouldn’t be that boring. If algebra was an orc and trigonometry was a goblin, then one could kick some serious butt in school with the X-cool calculator. Accountants in offices could animate their world where submitting reports on time to their superiors would be equivalent to fighting the boss mode in an RPG.

Although, we might want to keep the excitement under some kind of control because this calculator, cool as it is, does not come with a guarantee that you wouldn’t be thrown out of class if you keep screaming “Die Orc, Die!” during every math problem that comes your way. Same goes for office goers.

I also feel it is a bit sad that a calculator, a favorite from the yesteryears, had to morph itself into the guise of a game controller to remind us of its past glory. Friends, let us not forget where it all started.

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Via: NerdApproved