Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning your home or vacuuming it need not be a problem or a major task any longer, especially with the arrival of the robotic vacuum cleaner from Neato Robotics. This robotic vacuum cleaner uses laser technology to completely study your home and avoid obstacles or impediments in its way, during cleaning sessions.

This is possible because of its 360 degree viewing ability, which helps it to map your room, including walls, furniture and other aspects that are present in your room before beginning to clean it. The systematic pattern of its cleaning ensures complete cleaning of your room, without leaving a single corner or place. This ensures that you no longer have to haul those large vacuum cleaners around the house and still feel dissatisfied at the cleaning ability. These Neato robotics vacuum cleaners sense the entire situation and act accordingly; thereby allowing you more free time to attend to other things, while still maintaining a clean and sparkling home.

You can get the Neato robotics vacuum cleaners from January 2010 onwards and it will cost you $399.

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Via: Geeky Gadgets