HTC Evolve Android: a Concept Tablet Computer


Small is definitely in and this is proved by the latest addition from HTC, in the form of the HTC evolve deigned by Timur Pinar.


This is a concept tablet computer that allows you to perform all functions that you would like while on the move, without requiring much space in terms of storage.


The HTC evolve is powered by Intel Atom and has a touch screen that can be accessed with a beautifully designed stylus pen.


With 128GB SSD and 1.5GB RAM along with 3 USB ports, a camera and microphone and the ability to fast boot using the new Chrome OS, this concept tablet computer is ideal for those travelers on the lookout for such systems.


You can draw with the stylus using programs like Adobe Photoshop or Atlas Sketchbook or in the alternative, use the pre-programmed keyboard that can be accessed with a single touch. This computer, though small in size, is fully equipped to handle all your requirements and is available at really competitive prices.

There are other amazing computer concepts we seen, such as the innovative Rolltop Laptop or the supposedly coming up Microsoft Courier Tablet PC.

Via: Yanko Design