Geeky Door Mat flaunts Binary Patterns!


The interior embellishing in one’s house can reflect a lot about its occupants, but seldom people make thoughtful choices for their outdoor decoration. The Binary Door Mat can let visitors know about your geeky inclination right from the moment they come on your door step! The best part here is the binary pattern translates into the word “Welcome” but your visitors should have a binary decoder to know this.

The stylist door mat is made of polypropylene with vinyl backing and measures 2′ x 3′ doormat. The high low surface design provides friction for rigorous cleaning and deters dust from shoes entering your house. The mat is a low maintenance affair when it comes to cleaning as either sweeping or vacuuming will let this door mat get all dirt off itself. It can be bought for  of $40 which seems little pricey for an outdoor mat, but incredibly cool things ought to be this way.

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