The Millennium Falcon Clock Will Add To Your Geeky Room

Every Star Wars fan would know what I am trying to state here, the Millennium Falcon (as stated in the above title) is something that every one would instantly recognize from the star wars series. It just so happened that one cool person just decided to build himself something geeky and useful at the same time and came up with this piece of art, the cool Millennium Starship Clock.


For something that is home made, this can surely be considered as a great achievement, and thankfully this is not one of those many things that are considered as ‘only for geeks’, as this particular creation would be appreciated the world over and hence is featured on this site.

Every star wars fan would really love to have something exactly like this in his or her room, but sadly this cool piece is not for sale, but I don’t think it would take much to come up with something similar, all one needs is some time, patience and a strong passion. Some of people who really did try came up with pretty good results like this combination of Origami and Tetris , or the cool cardboard art, so try out your hand at little art this holiday season, and you might come up with something even better, and get featured on this site as well!!

via:[Foolish Gadgets]