Emblaze’s First Else: The Futuristic SmartPhone

Emblaze's First Else

With the unveiling of the First Else Smartphone in London, all other Smartphone stands to be ancient and outdated. Just as the name suggests, the First Else has been launched with something that is different from the recent market trend. The main objective of this futuristic smartphone is not just to bring in some new features, but also to win over the latest market leaders – iPhone and the Android devices.

Emblaze's First Else Smartphone

The ergonomic style, the sheer beauty, the futuristic User Interface with sci-fi like fan menu, the sPlay and the fisheye display – all just speaks of the potentiality of the First Else Smartphone. This amazing phone is an ideal example of how smart phones should be in real sense – adapting itself to users, instead of users fighting to adapt with the systems of the device. And this is not the end, as there has been no compromise on the hardware aspect of the phone too. Furthermore, the hardware and the service integration also stand exceptionally brilliant and even outlast the other present market leaders too in some cases.

First Else Smartphone

So far there has been no visible glitches and the first shot of the First Else futuristic smartphone have left everybody mesmerized. However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions and uncertainties circling around the phone. The availability and pricing are still a mystery for all. Again, with all uncertainties, everybody is looking forward for the revolutionary launch of this right thumb controlled smartphone soon.

Via : [Engadget]