Walyou Geekiest Gadgets of 2009

2009 has been a long and arduous year for most people, and with recession and political issues happening everywhere, technology and science had to take a backseat, or so it seemed. However, the year has been surprisingly busy with activity and several cool gadgets were launched. Most importantly, several new gadgets were bought which underlined the importance of consumption during recession.

Here is a cool list of gadgets that we found were the hottest during this year. These could be used an indication for what could be bought, or what could be upgraded, if you already have similar gadgets.


There has been no shortage of mice this year and some of the coolest ones were predictably released for those who play video games and those who use Apple Mac.

The Razer Mamba is an awesome wireless laser gaming mouse that is so cool that it almost looks like an haute-couture product! Its slick design and the almost futuristic look make it one of the best products announced or released this year.

Apple’s Magic Mouse is yet another accessory which can be used with computers, Apple iMac or Macbook to be particular. The mouse comes with an incredibly intuitive design and you cannot go wrong when you get yourself this slick mouse. It costs $69 and isn’t too expensive either.


If you always wanted a cool keyboard but have been stuck to something banal and mundane, worry not. In the year 2009, many cool keyboards were launched. Some of the best  were the Illuminated Flexible keyboard and the Colorful LED Keyboard.

If you were looking for a cheap but cool keyboard, the Illuminated Flexible Keyboard is a great choice, as it not only looks good but can also be carried around everywhere.

The Colorful Luxeed U5 Dynamic LED Keyboard is something to watch out for. At $149.99, it comes with many features and of course, most importantly looks outlandish and would make the perfect gift for anyone.


If you always wanted the world’s best camera, you should take a look at the “World’s Fastest Digital Camera“. It can capture details that human eye cannot notice, and costs $1,200. It is the fastest but perhaps not the best!

If you however wanted something more adventurous, you could take a look at the Underwater Digital Camera which also doubles up as a Swim Mask. I must say it is a really cool gadget!


iPhone has been really famous but you could also take a look at other cellphones.

The Palm Pixi is a chic cellphone that comes with a host of features and costs between $150 and $200. It almost looks like a candy bar!

These cool Modu Cellphones are available in Israel, and hence if you have a relative or a friend visiting Israel, you could ask them to get you this! It is amazingly cool and futuristic.

Musical Gadgets

If you are into music, 2009 had a lot of gadgets to offer. Here are what we thought were the best.

The limited edition Fender Evangelion guitar has been targeted at musicians who are Anime fans. If you are one, try your luck and see if you can get hold of it.

The iPod maybe ubiquitous and quite common now, but the Microsoft Zune is more chic and has many other functions too. Most importantly it has a really sleek design. Get it today!

Gadgets for Home

If you were looking for gadgets that could help you make your home more organized, 2009 had a lot of gadgets to offer.

The cool Neato robotics vacuum Cleaner is one such product that you really should buy, for it is innovative and functional.

If you would like to save energy, time and be environmentally friendly, you should try and get the Powermat Wireless Charger, thanks to which you can charge many small gadgets at once.

Gadgets for Star Wars Fans

No geek can be called one if he or she does not like Star Wars. Here are the coolest Star Wars inspired gadgets that were released this year.

The Darth Vader Alarm Clock looks scary, and kick-ass which makes it all the much cooler. So try and get it!

The Star Wars Clone Helmet Voice Amplifier can be bought by those who like to play with their voices.

Smart Gadgets

If you would like to do some spying around, or just act a little cool you could get one of these couple of products. These gadgets are totally kick-ass!

The Video Camera Pen can be bought by those who like to film and photograph things that others don’t like. Hence, this pen is a spy’s greatest weapon.

If you are a woman and you fear being harassed, you could get yourself this Lipstick Stun gun that can help you ward off bad men.

Health Gadgets

There is nothing more important than taking care of one’s health. If you agree, these gadgets might help you.

The Talking Digital Dumbell does it all for you to stay fit, and all you would need to do is lift it a few times and do some real weight training!

The Pure Air Sleep System allows you to sleep peacefully without any breathing or any other difficulties. Sleep is really important to stay healthy.

Kitchen Gadgets

Last but not the least;  gadgets need to be bought for the kitchen as well. Here are a couple of cool ones.

These cool and awesome Pizza Cutters are best suited for those who eat pizza often, and are a little clumsy to do with regular knives.

The Hourglass Coffee Maker makes sure you have a ready supply of coffee available at all times. It looks good and functions great.

These gadgets were certainly some of the best that were launched this year. We hope, many cooler products are launched in 2010. After all, gadgets have turned our lives completely modern and technology oriented.