Hijack Headphone Splitter Lets You Share Music with Friends

There are different genres of cool gadgets that we come across every day, and some are simple and utility-oriented whereas rest are extra-engineered to an extent that some of the functions which will never be used by a layman; The HiJack Headphone Splitter Keychain was born out of a genuine necessity to share music with friends and connect at a different level.


I am sure everybody has been through the trouble of sharing a single pair of headphones while trying to prove a point about a rock number to a friend. Firstly, you don’t get the required sound experience and have to get you head stationed in one direction because if you move too much, the headphones would fall off the ears. The HiJack Headphone splitter is a little jewel that turns your music player’s (with a standard output jack) single jack into double.


The tiny size and the keychain loop makes it portable and can be hooked to your backpack, bag or the belt-loop. Its sleek design coupled with the white and Grey color combination will make sync with iPods particularly. People who don’t own iPod might just whine about this and insist why Black isn’t in to make it more versatile, but more or less all music accessories are iPod (read industry) standard.


It makes for an excellent gift idea this Christmas owing to ever-present need of sharing your favorite numbers. For as much as $9.99, it’s a steal and a good way to garner admiration from onlookers. For more music accessories check out Handsfree Nikon Media Port, Custom 3G iPhone Headphones and Replug Earphone Attachments.