Create Wishlists on Wantzit, and Circulate Them Across Social Networks!

With so many online magazines and blogs suggesting and advising their readers about the kind of gifts they should buy for Christmas, New Year or any other occasion, the buyer is usually hard pressed to make decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t have made. Thus, the good old wish list always comes to rescue.

However, where on earth could one find wishlists of the person we want to buy a gift for? The answer seems to lie in Wantzit. The new web start-up allows people to create a profile and any kind of wishlist and then circulate the list across the social networks. This way, if you would like to buy a gift for someone, you would just have to find their Wantzit wishlist and buy what they need.

It may kill the surprise, but it certainly lessens the burden of choosing a gift, and the embarrassment caused when the person doesn’t like the gift you buy! Moreover, if people want to buy you gifts for any occasion, they always would buy you things that you want, and not what they think you want! Wantzit is free and does not come with any sorts of restrictions. It is a fun and interesting way to make and circulate wishlists across the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.