The UV Disinfectant Wand is a Magic Wand


Uv wand

If you are one of those who picks up on dust and germ allergies instantly and falls sick all the time due to that, or if you are a clean freak, then this Magic Wand which is in fact UV Disinfectant Wand is just what you need. This UV Disinfectant Wand is portable and handy, covers small and large areas owing to its expendable nature and can be carried and used anywhere, while you travel or at home in the bath or the kitchen or the bedroom.



If you have kids or adults at home who are sensitive to allergies or prone to viral attacks then this UV disinfectant wand does a great job of thoroughly cleaning the house. It can locate germs and even viral DNA within a scan time of 10 seconds. Since it uses ultra violet radiation, sufficient care has to be taken to keep it away from your body. It works on 2 AAA batteries, is very light and as small as a cell phone. Take a look at these pictures to see the several places you can put this magic wand to use.

You can get one for yourself for within a range of $79.99-$129.99.