Megalan Speed Mouse is Zippy Fast!

What is that which looks like a new age small car, works really fast and is the one thing that we cannot do without most of the time, especially while using your PC. Well, the answer is quite simple, a mouse! Though while using laptops, most people do not use the mouse, there are some of us who just require a decent work  space, and do not like to get cramped, thus we continue using our mouse with the laptops. But, it can be quite annoying when instead of simplifying the work, the mouse does not work as fast and does not keep up with us, leading us to disown it…what is the point of having it when it can’t be as fast as a mouse. Well here comes an amazing product concept of a new age mouse design, a mouse on wheels.

This concept product by Petya Savova which signifies the speed of this Megalan Mouse in an extremely well designed 3D model of the mouse. It does bring out the idea that the product will work to its best efficiency.
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