Fresh Wine with Star Wars Winestoppers

If you are having trouble keeping your wine fresh or preserving the fun factor along with the freshness? Then look no further, and check out these new Star Wars Winestoppers. So far, available in four different designs – the ever-popular robot R2-D2, the hero Luke Skywalker, his dark side daddy Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper, these winestoppers preserve the dark side within the bottle and keep the forces of the light side viz., oxygen away.

Personally, I’d prefer the R2-D2 winestopper as my lazy self would always want the wine to be poured out to me, which I don’t think Luke, Darth Vader or even  a stormtrooper for that matter would be interested in. However anyone is welcome to send a more hostile message to any random oxygen particles by using the stormtrooper winestopper. Mr. Vader, I’m sure will suck up the oxygen with all the gadgetry in his chest. Luke just looks too darn pretty to be disturbed from his position.

So all in all, folks and fanatics, don’t let these collectibles pass you buy. Available for a mere $12.00, these will last longer than any bottle of wine, which by the way will definitely retain the quality of flavor throughout its lifespan.

Via: GeekyGadgets