Transformers USB Accessories: Transforming Visages for Work and Entertainment

There are several genres of cool gadgets that we come across every day, some are simple while some are utility based whereas some are extra-engineered to an extent that that some functions will never be used by a layman; Transformers USB Accessories were born out of a genuine necessity to support your computer. But, sadly, most of the transformers have become homeless and are looking for handouts. Infact Autobots and Deceptions are desperate for work. The giant and powerful transforming robots are are not finding any work.

Placement agencies have tried to place Star Scream in a library, but the robot hardly managed to talk while shouting all the time. These days, Tigatron and Jaguar appear now as USB storage drives which are capable of storing 2 gigabytes and yet can still transform into feline beasties. Trypticon and Grimlock will now translate their horizontal positions into coordinates which your mouse can use as mouse. These transformers are made in Japan by Takara Tomy are compatible with Mac OSX and Windows 2000, XP , Vista and 7, and run from $42.99-59.99. The mouse itselfruns at a speed of 800dpi with 3 buttons and scroll wheel.

Although, it is not the most glamorous job  in this world, but these transformers are more capable of both handling your files and mousing duties, as well as transforming into their more beastly faces for your entertainment.

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