Mr T is a Real Killer on Wood Art

Mr-T by xander

Born as Laurence Tureaud, Mr T is one of the most eminent American actor famous for his role as B.A. Baracus in 1980s television series named “The A-team”. He is also famous for his main antagonist role as boxer Clubber lang in the 1982 super hit movie Rocky III (one of my favorite movies) even he was also a professional wrestler until his acting carrier got a kick start in 1980s. He was also famous for his character of Santa Claus with First Lady Nancy Reagan on 1983 Christmas at the White House.

But whatsoever, it’s really difficult to control my laughing at the cartoon of Mr. T made by Xanderthurteen. It’s so illustrious starting from his facial expression to his fat nose, pink mouth and the best thing in this photo is his hair style (mohawk I guess) which takes the trophy. A real creative Acrylic painting on wood with a size of 4.7”x2.6”x1.6”made by Xander13. It’s a real geeky and hilarious cartoon art made by him for his friend Steve as his birthday gift and I bet Steve would be happy to receive it.  But imagine the situation, when Mr.T will see this creativity, must have a good laugh first but if he gets frustrated of then god save xanderthurteen from his fury.

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