Sound Grenade Application is the Geeky Irritator

Controlling the crowd, annoying your teachers, friends or want some boring party to end that instance are a few things where Sound Grenade is the best remedy which comes in handy and does its work within 15 – 30 seconds.

If the crowd is bigger then just plug in your iPhone classic or iPhone 3G into a speaker turned on to full volume and if you are at some dinner party which is boring you to death, then the devices inbuilt speaker is enough for the people to run away from there; No one will ever come to know that it was your iPhone which was emitting the 16Khz (approximately) sound.

It took only 30 minutes for the kiwi duo under the pseudonym of “High Gloss” to finish every thing, from naming to completion which included graphics of the Sound Grenade and in return, within five days of time the Sound Grenade got the recognition of being the world’s most annoying application and in less then two weeks, there were over 1.25 million downloads. This grenade is different from a normal one as it destroys the person’s eardrum and can irritate them to the core making them get out of there and the best thing is, no one will be able to know that the sound was coming from your phone. A great thing for pranksters but becareful, if you get caught then may God be with you.

You can download the Sound Grenade Pro from iTunes for free.

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