Cool Transformers Art in Acrylic

Which among the Transformers, is your favorite? OPTIMUS PRIME! That would be the most common answer to this question from Transformer fans worldwide. And these fans have found various ways to depict this…like this acrylic painting of Optimus Prime here, which looks cool and shows a lot of determination, just like the character.

Xanderthurteen has come up with acrylic versions of the three Transformers, Optimus Prime, Soundwave and Jazz on a 10″x10″ canvas, and they look awesome. Acrylic paints bring out the texture of a painting very well and characters such as these, can be best depicted in only an acrylic painting.

From my knowledge of art and painting, I think the artist probably picked these three characters to paint in acrylic because of the colors they depict which would be a challenge to paint while doing justice to bring out the perfect appearance of the painting, or just likes them!

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