Canon FS10 Flash Memory Camcorder

Even if its being one of the most feared weapons during the world wars or being the best photo capturer, Canons have always kept their name at top position and this one is the latest and stylish Canon’s creation presenting “Canon FS10 camcorder” which has become a big hit and every household name, just after its release.

This next-gen device is not only for the young blood but from teens to grandpas because handling of this stunning new camcorder is easier than it looks like so geeky.

Its features like Dual Flash memory which records the video in an internal flash drive as well as in the removable SDHC memory card of up to 8 GB and if your internal Flash drive is full, can easily transfer the footage to the SDHC memory card and to view the video, just have to insert the memory card in the reader of the computer or HDTV and have fun.

You can also zoom up to an amazing 48x, only because of its advanced zooming technology and top and genuine optical quality allows you to shoot a rock steady video even while you are running down a mountain.  With its 1/6 inch, 1.07 megapixel CCD image sensor, you will get a razor sharp CCD image sensor. The recording is also done in a widescreen LCD of 2.7inch allowing it to display the same wide screen video in your TV. It also has a one touch power button which will turn the camcorder on and off instantly. These were lots of advantages of this magnificent camcorder so if you want to buy this the price is $299.88.

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