Pacman and Gang of Ghosts Soaps

Pacman, the popular computer game of the 80’s, has many enthusiasts all over the world who swear by its name, and Pacman lovers have always been on the lookout for artifacts and other items that replicate the game in real life. The Pacman and gang of ghosts soaps are the latest in the trend for creating things based on the game. This is a set of six soaps, complete with Pacman, Ms. Pacman and the four ghosts, Binky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Crafted by twoeggplants, the soap modeled on Binky is scented with raspberries while Pinky has strawberries and champagne. For enjoying a peppermint essence, try using Inky while Clyde would be your ideal choice if you wish to have a scent of Orange Chocolate truffles to accompany you in your bath. The two Pacman bars are rich in Apple Strudel and cinnamon essence, which make the entire set worth every penny you spend buying it.

Each bar of these soaps weight around two ounces, which makes the entire set weight about 12 oz. So, get hold of your favorite Pacman soap bar or better still, invest in the entire set to enjoy a different fragrance each day.

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