Muppets Waldorf Mask

If you have enjoyed the humorous parodies of The Muppet Show’s puppet characters, you will surely love these Muppet masks that allow you to be in the skin of those humorous characters, albeit for a short time.

Available in flesh colors, the masks are based on the characters of Statler & Waldorf, best known as two old men who have an uncanny knack of interrupting the performances from their box seats at every show.

So, if you too want to be dressed as either Statler or Waldorf, get hold of either of these masks, put in on your face and play the role. However, before wearing it in front of your friends and family, give it a try for correct fit.

In case you find creases on your mask, stuff some tissue papers in it and use a blow dryer to warm it gently, so that you can straighten out the creases while the mask is warm. If you find the mask to be a loose-fit and see that the eye holes are away from your eyes, you can add some foam or tissue inside the mask to make your eyes set into the mask as close to the eye holes as possible.

Sounds interesting? Well, you can have your own Muppet masks, officially licensed By Disney, for $59.99.

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