The Millennium Falcon Cake Comes From A Galaxy Far Far Away…

It just keeps on getting better, doesn’t it, as all these old school Star Wars characters and series just keep popping back into our lives every now and then, just making sure that we do not forget them, and the fun we had during those good old times. Now usually all of them usually find some very ingenious ways to pop back up in our lives just like this cool Millennium Falcon Cake, an awesome creation of Debbiedoescakes; and one thing is pretty evident, it’ll surely bring back all the good old memories for all the Star Wars Fans.

The Cake looks simply delicious!, and would be a real treat for all the Star War Fans that would bite into it! of course it is a shame that such a beautiful and wonderful creation would have such a short span of life¬† (unlike it’s on screen counterpart which is known to stand strong during all times of trial). On careful examination of the cake one would realize that the cake has been give a lot of intricate details and the fact that a lot of time and effort might have been given into getting this thing done, all this just adds to the uniqueness and the greatness of this particular cake.

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