Koopa Troopa Electric Guitar

Music has always been an integral part of our lives, and with the passage of time, more and more people are increasingly opting for novelty or uniqueness in musical instruments. The latest unique and trendy musical instrument doing rounds on the internet is the Koopa Troopa electric Nintendo guitar, which is a true blue blend of the musical as well as the gaming world. This right handed guitar is designed in the form of the famous gaming character Koopa Troopa. Never has a turtle looked more aesthetic than in the form of this guitar!

This has been called the coolest and perhaps the trendiest of electric guitars today. When this guitar is played in the right handed way, Koopa seems to be on his back and it appears as if the turtle has decided to walk. Even when you tilt the guitar at 45 degrees, Koopa appears to be headed straight to the apex.

It’s no wonder that this guitar – designed by an anonymous musical engineer, has been called the best design of 2009 when it comes to innovative creations related to the world of music.

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Via: Joystiq