Light Touch Projects 10” Touch Screen

The Greatest scientist of all time, Mr Albert Einstein was the first person to introduce the world with Laser beam and since then, different type of methods to use Lasers have been invented and successfully implemented but  this Light Touch 10” Touch Screen is the latest of them all. Introducing the Light Touch which is based on a laser emitting projector which displays an interactive touch screen and the best part is that it can be displayed on any surface and at any light intensity as it projects colored images.

Turning any flat surface into a 10″ touch screen, this one is equipped with a new technology called holographic laser projection technology (HLP) which uses infrared sensing system which detects your touches and projects a screen size of WVGA with auto-focusing images and runs in Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 while supporting WiFi and connectivity through Bluetooth.

Being equipped with 2GB of onboard Flash memory and a Micro SD card slot which is supporting up to 32GB, this Light touch device is a new way of introduction and interaction between a consumer and the retailer as we can see those images of its usage in boutique and restaurant. Its running time is 2 hours before recharging is required. Light blue optic’s CEO, Mr. Chris Harris was really confident about its uses and bringing a new environment of technology even in shops and to introduce it to the world, its functionality will be show cased at CES 2010.

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