A Personalized Hacked Mac

Ever wondered how appropriate is the abbreviation ‘PC’ for a personal computer? Our work documents or personal files, emails, passwords, photographs, contacts…virtually everything we need, the way we need it are on that computer, the way we want it – personalized. So here is a personalized Hacked Mac, hacked because it has been taken apart and put back together the way it was preferred by the user.

Think about it…the computers and laptops that we so often use at home or at office, and also carry around all the time, has so much information which is specific to us. Ben Fino-Radin wanted to make music from Mac and decided to do it his way…creating his own personalized Mac. You can take a look at the video and see how it works here…

This Mac comes with OS X and has been made to cater to the user’s need. A 128k Mac computer  has been substituted with G4 parts and an LCD display. An audio/video synthesis software has been incorporated in it too. If you are interested in HOW it was created then you can read more about it on the Machack2000 blogspot.

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