Worlds Largest Big Mac Replica Is Truly Delicious

Whether we like it or not the human race has always been inclined to believe that bigger is better the iconic big Mac too has just been made bigger through this sculpture replica of the Big Mac which stands 14 feet tall.

This gargantuan sculpture is on display at the McDonald’s  restaurant in North Huntingdon PA better known as the ‘Big Mac Museum’. In fact this museum was opened specially for the 40thanniversary of the Big Mac and to top it off the museum is also a McDonald’s restaurant which enables you to enjoy a meal while adoring this work of art. The sculpture replica comes fully loaded with two beef patties sandwiched between sesame seed buns and seasoned with cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions and the special sauce to top it off.

The Big Mac sculpture does look delicious but I wonder what those fitness freaks have to say about it? It would be really funny though to see them try to count the calories in this Bid Mac before taking a bite. But if this Big Mac is too big for you then you can also try out some lego McDonald eatables that are equally yummy or go to sleep in the amazing Hamburger Bed.