This Eco Friendly Coca Cola Phone: A Better Concept for a Green World

Due to the constant increase in industries is leading to the increase in various pollutions and some common polluted things are water bodies, our atmosphere, lands etc. leading to a growth of the unrestricted Global Warming causing holes in the ozone layer to enter ultra violet ray directly in our world and creating bad health .

So the people are starting to take initiatives to stop this pollution planting of trees, using cycles instead of vehicles and recently, an Eco friendly car was launched by Maruti Suzuki and getting inspiration from it, Designer Daizi Zheng has created an exquisite new design for Eco friendly Nokia phone which can surely create a new revolution in cell phone industry which not only reliable but much cheaper then a normal cell phone.

His main idea behind the concept was that since cell phones have been made, the batteries which are used as its power source are not only really expensive but they even consume valuable resources during manufacturing and when disposed, leave a really harmful impact on the environment.

He researched and it proved fruitful as he found a new way to generate power for the cell phone in the form of carbohydrates in form of sugar and even enzymes are utilized as the catalyst, making it an Eco friendly biological battery to generate electricity.

This one will not only generate energy from the sugary drink like our regular Coke or Pepsi, it will generate water and oxygen too as by products which is positive side about this concept and this bio battery will have to potential to operate the phone for three to four times longer then a normal, single charged lithium battery used today. It’s really a different concept to create a better world.

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