The New Mark Night Light Bookmark Sheds Some Light On An Old Nighttime Foe

Imagine yourself waking up to only a faint recollection of that amazing book you were reading last night because sleep got the better of you, and you can’t remember the page number of where you stopped and the reading light was on all night too, sound familiar? Well this has been a problem that has plagued many for a long time, but this new gadget from relogik is a reading light that doubles as a bookmark hopes to be the panacea to this ailment.

This cool gadget looks like somewhat like wedge of some sort but in actuality it is a glowing reading light that looks pretty snazzy. The designer has also incorporated a pressure sensitive system that kills the light when it detects that a book is placed on it; this feature is the focal point of this design eliminating the need to grope around in you semi conscious state for the light switch before drifting off to dreamland.

And the Unique shape of the night light allows it to act as a bookmark which relieves one of a lot of stress having to go through the the entire book the next morning looking for the page where you dosed off. The pressure sensitive light switch also lends a hand in savind your power consumption (even though it is one small bit at a time); thus adding  up to a greener planet.

Taking a step back and having look at this gadget it certainly seems to be a must for all those late night book reading lovers. Another night light cum book shelf concept worth checking out is the Lili Light Night Lamp.