Cool RCX4 Star Stryker Remote Control Gadget [CES 2010]

cool star wars remote control starship

While CES 2010 shows some of the greatest and most innovative gadgets and technology, there are still cool toys that are more than worthy of a mention, such as this cool RC Gadget called the RCX Star Stryker.

remote control star wars fighter

Built to resemble a Luke Skywalker’s Star Fighter from Star Wars, this amazing RC Gadget put Remote Control Helicopters to shame. It has tremendous possibilities that combined with precision and control, grant a truly remarkable toy that flies, hovers and maneuvers like a true spacecraft.

remote control star wars ship

We were fortunate enough to get a real video demonstration (seen above) from the maker, Patrick Le, who both explains the possibilities with the RCX4 Star Stryker and also demonstrates it with the sideways hovering, forward/backwards maneuvers, all around flying and of course the beautiful landing.

rc star wars starfighter

Unfortunately, the batteries last for only 10 minutes but also take only 10 minutes to recharge, so with a spare battery, you could easily be flying again while the first battery charges.

star wars star fighter rc gadget

The RC star Stryker comes with a metal case that houses the entire spacecraft, remote control, separate wings, etc in a safe spot in foam that is cut for the specific gadget itself.

It may not be a true Star Wars Star Fighter replica, but with its features, abilities and looks…it really doesn’t matter, for it is an awesome Remote control gadget that is a touch of heaven. Just take a look at the video and be amazed yourself.

The specs are:

Full Function 4-Channel Hovercraft

2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Radio

Integrated 3D Gyro Systems

Quad Motor Design

Lighting System

Lithium Battery & Charger