District 9 Computer Case Mod Turned Prawns to Human

Like Wikus van de Merwe, the African bureaucrat who was assigned to relocate 1.8 million aliens named prawns from District 9 to District 10 ended up turning into an alien himself due to DNA malfunctioning and inspired by his character from the movie “District 9”, Bill Owen modified the Cooler Master 840 ATCS in to the District-9 PC Case MOD. Just to make Wikus feel happy and dedicated to him because now that he had become a prawn and this Computer Case MOD would remind him that he was a human once.

But whatever was the reason, the theme behind of the computer was really a killer one and he has made it to the perfection, keeping everything in mind and detailing even the smallest thing so that it resembles a District-9 Computer but the design shows that it was absolutely not at all easy for making such a thing. The details of this creation stage wise can be seen at their site District-9 PC Worklog Link.

I guess the toughest part was first rusting process of the case and then fixing the screws and making the scratches, recreate the signs etc by painting , shady weather coat painting in the handle to give it’s a tough color and rusting which was hand made on exterior. Creating of the Prawn Canister Movie Prop to mount on the PC case and recreating prawn canister replica in 2” diameter solid Aluminum rod are also excellent.

Other features which will capture your mind is the seen through exploded hole in the right side of the panel and the designed District 9 plate which really attract you. Actually this new V8 CPU cooler to be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in between 7th January to 10th January, So overall, an excellent work done by bill in making this project for Mnpctech.

You can see also an extraordinary design like above Computer Desk LED Plexi glass Case MOD.

Via : Casemodblog.com