Cipher Glass: A Drinking Glass With Senses

There’s hardly any concept that is impossible in today’s generation of advanced technologies but have you ever thought of an object with senses? Yes, I’m talking about the Cipher Drinking Glass with an extraordinary sense to identify what you’re drinking. Although sounds psychic, but human brain leaves nothing impossible it seems.

Although, a bit unbelievable but this has been made possible by designer Damjan Stankovic. When empty, the Cipher Glass looks like as if it is decorated with randomly colored squared patterns. But the unbelievable part of the glass is that when filled with any drink, say orange juice, cola or milk, the name of the drink appears on the side of the glass.

The actual technology lies in the concept that the randomly colored patterns are not in real sense so random. The different shapes along with the empty spaces work in unison with the color of the drink to give the effect of the name. The Cipher Drinking Glass is still in the concept stage, but no doubt an outstanding piece of creativity and design in part of Stankovic. For more such items, you can have a look at this amazing Lighted Wine Glass or Ctrl+Alt+Del Cup Sets.

Via: [Oh Gizmo]