Wrapsol to Wrap Your Gadgets [CES 2010]

As we are passing the centuries along with the advancing technology, individuals are starting to opt for more of a touch screen environment rather than pressing buttons repeatedly which generally caused Repetitive Strain Injury.

It is said that every device has its own advantages and negative side too, as we know the advantages of touch screen application but the disadvantage  is that if we don’t used softly and carefully then it will turn the screen in to a scratched zone and can cause the device to break down too. This is when Wrapsol comes as savior to do its work with perfection.

Wrapsol is said to be the world’s strongest, clearest and the most Eco-friendly scratch proof protecting system which is not only used for your iPods and iPhones but even notebooks, mp3 devices, game consoles like PSP, cameras, GPS etc. too. It gives an all round protection to your precious devices and keeping the screens brand new for the rest of the device’s life.

It’s combination of 14-mil makes it an unique scratch proof defense system and  being optically clear screen protector film which is ultra thin and the screen will be crystal clear while still preserving the touch sensitivity and response. Its proprietary lusterless finish body film will enable it to eliminate smudges and fingerprints while enhancing the grip at the same time. Coming with an lifetime replacement warranty and 100% recyclable packaging, its price varies based on the products you choose and you can find the screen protection you need and price for your specific product. Wrapsol even sells the gift cards for your holiday too, which is available from the denomination from $10 to $500.

You can see a unique case for iPhone like Crystal iPhone Case or you can see a good Touch screen  Cellphone to wrap it up.


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