Immerz Kor-FX is the New Device to Take Your Gaming Experience to a New Level [CES 2010]

Gaming is growing with time also along-with technology upgrading and there are many people who are nowadays taking it up as a profession and playing with heart and sole and for them, to get the most out of the game, here is Kor-FX launched by Immerz which takes PC gaming to a new level.

This one is platform for independent device which can work with any other device that has an audio output and being portable and lightweight and sits perfectly on the user’s shoulders to giving them a comfortable feel. Actually it’s the best gadget not only for PC gamers but even for movie viewing and enjoying music because of the technology used in this device results in making the user feel the experience inside and creating uncanny “7th sense” awareness in your brains and creating a virtual environment beside you.

This experience is caused due to the acousto-haptic technology which makes the unit sent low-frequency vibrations into the chest cavity resulting you feel the bliss while playing, watching or listening. Its sound effects can grab you emotionally as you will feel the sound all around you, making it one of the most exiting advancements that technology has achieved in multi-media since the human existence.

Being debuted as one of only ten finalists on iStange in 2010 Consumer Electronic show, Kor-FX  acousto-haptic will take your listening & feeling the experience of gaming at a new level, available with a price tag of $189.99.

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