Mona Lisa Represented Through Computer Folders

When Mona Lisa was painted a long time ago, she stirred a revolution in the world of art. She is known for her ethereal beauty and calm disposition that most painted characters do not have. Many art students have tried several times over to do a Mona Lisa recreation for their school projects, and the tradition has thus continued.

Here is a cool Mona Lisa design that has been created out of folders, instead of watercolour or oil paint. It is rather intriguing that the artist chose folders and the geek medium to create Mona Lisa, who seems to be just as beautiful in this recreation too. However, she does look a little blurred out, and it reminds me of impressionist paintings.

Perhaps this is to say the Mona Lisa is just like anyone else in the world, and her beauty too fades away with time just like any mortal’s does. Whatever the message might be, this is one of the best contemporary geek art that I have come across. You could also take a look at Mona Lisa Painting which was surprisingly made from the grease present in burgers.