Zealous About Great Gadgets? ZAGG Has Great Products Lined Up! [CES 2010]

You might have always wanted to protect your gadgets by using cases and films, but they ruin the way the gadgets originally looked. Many years ago the guy behind ZAGG hit upon the idea of using durable military film used to protect helicopter blades from high speed damage in order to protect gadgets, and that is how invisibleSHIELD came to picture.

The invisibleSHIELD is scratch proof and is clear & virtually indestructible. Moreover, it does not add bulk to your device so that the gadget still looks sleek and stylish. ZAGG has invisibleSHIELDS for almost every gadget in the market, and you could choose your model in the drop-down to purchase the protective shield for your particular gadget.

The company also has several other cool products, and they certainly live up to their acronym of Zealous About Great Gadgets. One of the other important products that they sell is the ZAGGsparq, which is a lot more than a simple extended battery.

It carries multiple charges for any personal electronic device and can be easily carried to all the places. It can be used to charge USB gadgets, cellphones, handhelds, cameras and others. It would be the best thing to buy, if you listen to a lot of music no your iPhone when you are at school, and would like to charge your phone often. ZAGGsparq costs $99. You should also check out their uber-cool Z.buds, which have been designed for the iPhone.

The buds come with built-in music control for the iPhone and with an in-line volume control, you could rest assured that you never have to carry bulky headphones ever. You could expect crystal clear audio, and thanks to multiple earbud adapters, the buds can be used with all ear sizes. Some of the other cooler products unveiled by ZAGG are the ZAGGfoam and ZAGGwipes.

ZAGGfoam costs $19, and can be used to clean all the gadgets and remove bacteria. The ZAGGwipes can be used as personal wipes to clear your face of make-up, remove dirt and to just feel clean and fresh.

The ZAGGwipes cost $4.99. You could also visit their site and check out many other products and accessories that the company is marketing, and most of them are really swell products.