Mint Cleaning Robot: the Next-Gen House Cleaner [CES 2010]

Now a day for keeping your house neat and clean, Maids and house cleaning devices like mobs and handheld vacuum cleaners etc have become out dated and technology is in. Now whenever you see or feel your house has become quite dirty, you don’t need to do anything in rush, just sit back relaxed and to press the start button of this Mint. Yes, it’s just as simple as pressing a button because this “Mint” is the smart robot floor cleaner for keeping your house spotless.

Evolution Robotics have launched Mintcleaner, an automatic floor cleaner for busting out the dust from all the hard surfaces in your house like floors, tables etc. No need to worry about the tricky spots like corners, edges and places under furniture’s because of the latest technology used in this robot enabling it to sense whenever it comes near a tricky spot. Just place a swiffer brand cloth and pledge on the underneath and just push the start button to allow it to start its work.

This compact machine uses the latest navigation technology in which a small separate NorthStar Beacon projector is kept. It releases infrared light spots on the ceiling that the robot detects and instead of moving in a random pattern, Mint knows the tracks where is has already cleaned. When the cleaning is complete the Mint returns it’s starting place and turns off to save batter until you asked for new place to clean.

It has already won the hearts of people and introduced at CES 2010 and now it will be soon released to win your hearts and keep your hearts up to date. If you want to know more information, then do visit the site and see how it works and you can even e-mail to know them about this product’s information.

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