Touch Revolution Announces Android Powered Touchscreen Modules [CES 2010]

It is not always that you come across a household appliance that can help you browse the Internet, and listen to the radio or just check your email. This time around it is not just a gadget, but more than two of them which run on Android, and come with chic touchscreen modules.

Touch Revolution has announced touchscreen modules, such as their examples of the washing machine, printer and a microwave oven, which come with the Nimble Platform that uses the Android at CES 2010.

These Android powered modules could pave the way for future gadgets that would allow household gadgets to support apps that would allow you to store recipes, check weather, stocks and email, read news and whatever else your brain may possibly imagine doing!

Both the washing machine and the microwave oven come with sleek touch screens whose resolutions are crisp and clear, and the touch functions themselves are quite responsive.

Moreover, Nimble being run on Android, you can always expect many more changes happening thanks to the Open Source code. These Nimble touchscreen modules seen on the washing machine and microwave oven could set an example to future gadgets and also inspire developers to create geekier household gadgets that would change the way we perceive household electronic appliances. You could also read about the Google Nexus One smartphone, which runs on Android as well.