Roboni-i is the World’s First Programmable Gaming Robot [CES 2010]

roboni-i game robot

There are several cool robotic toys in the market but many do not offer the ability to play against your friends nor do the robotic toys can play as a team in most of the cases. If you were looking for a robotic toy that you could play solo, online, as a team and also against your friends, the Roboni-i could just be what the doctor prescribed!

It is being touted as the world’s first programmable gaming robot and thanks to 360º movement, 16 sensors and 4 processors, it can pretty much do a lot of things that you would expect an intelligent toy to do. It can avoid obstacles, play games and tricks, and also interact with its environment to a certain extent. You can play the games or customize to suit your tastes, or you could also go ahead and create your own games depending on what you and your friends like to play.

roboni-i game robot remote control

ZigBee (RF) technology allows you to use the Roboni-i in team based games, and the infrared sensors help the R9oboni-i to interact with other robots. There is no information about the price, but you could certainly try and get one from their site. You could also try other robotic toys that we have written about earlier, like the USB Powered Snowbot or the Robot Fingers, which shall surely kill your boredom.

It is available for only $199…all you need is batteries and to open the Robotic Games world from there.