SNES Controller Glasses Case is A Walk Down Memory Lane

Just thinking about the cool old SNES gaming consoles brings back some really cherished memories and the fun, when we cared nothing about the outside world apart from Mario and the Princess, and long gone are the days when our lives revolved around the games we played. But this classic eyeglasses case, made to resemble the cool SNES controllers, is almost as if we could carry a small part of our childhood with us once again!

As a child my mom always warned me about the dark side of gaming, she said the it would ruin my eyesight and then I would have to wear a pair of glasses for the rest of my life; and as it would turn out she was right!, but hey! she also taught me to look on the bright side of everything, so I tried doing that and guess what?, I ended up getting myself the cool and irresistible SNES glasses case.

The cases are all hand made and come in different sizes to fit different glasses into it, so even if you do not have glasses you can use them to store the massive Aviator Goggles or your glares. Made from the finest quality felt, it ensures that your glasses have no stain on them; Selling for only $25-26, this could be just the perfect thing to keep holding on to some very special and the most enjoyable moments of our lives.

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via:[Geek Sugar]