Marvell Plug Computer 3.0: The Latest In Tiny PC

With the advancement of technology, digital world is opening up new paths every other day starting from micro and mini chips to smallest integrated circuits. With the decreasing size of the circuits, the devices are also taking their tiniest possible shapes every other day. Similar is the case with the Marvell Plug Computer 3.0, I guess.

The Marvell’s latest Plug Computer 3.0 is probably one of the tiniest PC you have ever seen. This tiny PC is featured with an in-built 1.8-inch hard disk drive of unspecified capacity, a faster CPU, an integrated Bluetooth, WiFi and also an USB port. The device can be easily connected to an external hard drive or a printer too. And the biggest thing in this tiny device is that it uses only one tenth of the power as compared to a regular PC, which is no doubt a great feature.

Powered by Armada 300 processor, the Plug Computer 3.0 in no way is weaker than any regular computer and comes with Linux 2.6. This tiny, yet high performing PC will be sold as a part of a developer kit at the first shot, with an introductory price of $99 only. The official release of Marvell’s Plug Computer 3.0 is highly awaited, for it is expected to open up new paths and applications in the fields of Home Automation, Medical Monitoring, Agriculture, Security and Access Control and many more. For more such PC collections, check out with the Pico Bayard Mini Computer and the World’s Smallest PC In The Space Cube.

Via: [Techfresh]