Weblist Could Be the Next Big User Generated Space!

You might be well aware that these days many websites and blogs have their “lists” which include top movies, chartbusters, best video games, gadgets and so on, and so forth. While most of these lists can prove to be quite useful, you may sometimes not agree with all the lists and wished you could create your own list that people could see.

It is of course easy to create a list of your own and upload it on your blog or on a social networking site but apart from those who know you really well, people would not be able to find your list. Here is a cool new service that has been launched recently which allows you to create your list of URLs centred on a particular theme and then put it under an easily accessible URL.

Weblist, the new service is pretty amazing for you could bookmark your own list, send it across social networks, or just sit back and wait for other members of the site to find your list! While they do so, you could find lists that have been created by other members of Weblist too, and you never know which one would lead you to some really cool information.

Weblist is also an amazing place to find new user edited content from across the Internet. Some of the categories that you could find are Business, Games, Health, Music and Sports. It is free to register on Weblist, and is optional too. If you register, you would have the benefits of saving all your lists under your account and you would able to edit or delete them later. A couple of lists that I found pretty cool on the site are Top 6 Tech Sites and Top Web Photo Editors.

The guys at Weblist are also planning to launch Firefox add-on, user voting tools, site widgets and other fun tools which would actually create an ecosystem that is based on lists. I guess one would no more have to type “top 10” or something similar in search engines. All you would need to do is, visit WebList and get the list you want. If you feel adventurous, you could always create your own list and send it across the web!

There is nothing better than having things listed in a chronological order of importance, for it makes you feel in control of the content you wish to organise and it also helps you prioritise things. Thus, Weblist could prove to be an amazing user-generated space, where all things that are “top” could be found, in a single friendly place.