Sling Touch Control 100 RC pre launched in 21st Century [CES 2010]

Specializing in audio and video place shifting technology, Sling Media being a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation has achieved quite a lot within just six years of its existence. They have not only made a revolution with creation of Sling box but now, this new launched geeky “Sling Touch Control 100 RC” with killer features, picture quality and WiFi system allowing us to surf the world wide web any where and every where. A lovely 4.3 inch touch screen LCD display, it shows an image resolution of 272 x 480 allowing you to see crisp and killer images on your screen. Even I guess this next-gen remote control is going to create a history as this is a remote of 23rd century which by any chance pre launched in the 21st century.

It offers a flexible and spontaneous user friendly feature that highlights generally available on web-based products. In added to fast browsing channels, user can enter search terms and sort, filter, and view program information by network, genre, language, rating, HD content, channel, time and date, and  lots more.

The sleek design with soft touch casing is to control your excitement while using this beauty. As informed by the Sling Media’s representative about the aim behind launching this remote was to make it easy for the viewers for discovering new programs which they might have never know are available and to make the navigation and control most of the IR based devices in an AV rack easier. They can also play, rewind or fast-forward and perform all other functions which they would normally do with their device’s native remote control. Running on lithium-ion battery, it can also control devices which are WiFi enabled and IR, non IP devices making it one killer device.

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