The Geek Clock to Show the Geeky Way of Reading Time

This is one of a kind clock which is perfect for geeks and those who had paid attention during their math classes because when you show this Geek clock to your friends, they will possibly keep on staring at it and wonder what this magnificent device is used for while you will stand and laugh at them.  This Math clock is perfect for showing off your math’s skills as it has almost every calculation in it and even if you can’t understand a few things, I will help you to go through this clock.

12 is the cube root of 1728 = 12.

1 stands for a constant value which formulated by Marie Legendre who captured the asymptotic behavior of the prime-counting function=1.

2 is a math’s joke which tells that when an infinite number of mathematicians walked into a bar. The first one ordered a beer while the second ordered half a beer and the third ordered a quarter of beer. The bartender gets frustrated and pours two beers while saying that “you’re all idiots”.

3 is a Unicode character in the form of a HTML entity.

4 is a modulo arithmetic operator which states that 2^ (-1) mod 7= 4.

5 shows the golden section which is reworked a little.

6 is three factorial i.e. (3*2*1) = 6.

7 represents 6.99999999… Which rounds upto 7?

8 It’s a binary code represented graphically.

9 It’s the base-4 numeral system (Quaternary) which uses the digits 0,1,2,3 to represent any real number.

10 It’s a binomial coefficient (Can obtain the detail from

11 It’s a hexadecimal encoding (Can obtain the detail from

So as you know the secret, go ahead and enjoy with this clock, which is available with a a price tag of $25.

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