Lego App Allows You to Turn Ordinary Pictures into Artistic Mosaics

Mosaics are an integral part of art and they can be found across churches and cathedrals all over the world, and most mosaics reveal biblical and religious situations and events, and some are pretty secular too. If you always wanted to glorify yourself and appear in one of the mosaics, u would have to visit an artist and spend a good fortune in getting a self portrait in mosaic.

This time around, Lego has been kind to such people and has unveiled the Lego Photo program at the iPhone App Store. It automatically generates a mosaic-like picture but you could keep trying till the result satisfies you. It could be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store, and is a great way to spend a boring afternoon.

This is one of the geekiest things you could do to a picture of yourself, and would be one of those topics that would be of central importance when your other geek-friends arrive home for lunch or dinner, and to play video games. You could also check out Lego Digital Camera, thanks to which even children can start trying their skills in photography.

Via: Switched