Good Old Record Player Inspires Animation

Good old gramophone records and record players have become a part of antiquity but they evoke certain nostalgia and are very inspirational even today. Doug has created and recorded animation using one such record player. The idea is simple but this is a uniquely geeky thought and Doug deserves all kudos for executing it so well.

We all know record players revolve at certain speeds defined by RPMs. What Doug has done is to calculate number of pictures he needs to place around the edge of the turntable so that when it revolves at minimum speed they appear as animation in his camera recording. Given the fact that his digital camera records at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) he placed 54 pictures around the edge and recorded an animation. Isn’t it geeky way to create animation without using computer aids? In fact one may even improvise with different RPMs and FPS of record player and camera settings respectively and also play around with lightings for special effects. The whole modern animation is rooted in this concept of moving frames of drawing swiftly to create motion and Doug demonstrates this elementary fact so deftly.

Check here if you are interested to see the exact calculations done by Doug and his recorded video.  If have a strong nostalgia for good old record player then do check out this reinvented one as  A CD Recorder and Phonograph.

Via DudeCraft