Star Trek Federation Computer Now Controls Your Living Room Lighting

Well it can’t be put more simply that groping around in the darkness for a light switch is not a pleasant experience and can sometimes really hurt, but this Star Trek styled, voice activated light switch and dimmer promises to eliminate this problem all together. Because unlike the switches of old you don’t even have to touch the switch, just mumble a few commands to the federation computer and voila! there shall be light.

The Star Trek dimmer gives the user complete control of the lighting in a room by offering three levels of light adjustment that can all be activated by voice command. But the icing on the cake would definitely be that the switch dimmer confirms your commands in the voice of Majel Barret- Roddenberry, the original voice of the federation computer; thus giving you a surreal feeling of being aboard the Starship Enterprise. Setting it up is also very easy and the module will even guide you through the setup process.

But if you really want to get into the Star Trek mind-frame try sitting down in Captain Kirk’s chair and then command the dimmer. As for the price $69.99 seems to be a pretty fair deal for the product being offered, and is a must buy for any star trek fan.