SweetPea is the Current Baby MP3 Player

I think in this world there are a very few people who do not love music, and it is rather sad, for the love to music is for eternity. In old days onwards there were many ways to listen music started from Opera to Gramophone, then time apace and in these modern days even toddlers who can barely speak want their own personal MP3 player, to express their love for music. And for the same, here is the toddler-gen Music Box SweetPea3 which is designed to suit their cute and innocent character and being a single piece design molded from rubber making it durable and is “non toxic” which fulfills the FDA food grade-specifications.

It’s fully baby proof to keep the baby as well as the MP3 player, both safe and allowing the little one to enjoy the music. Its using process is also not at all complicated as it has three large buttons through which the baby can play or stop or select songs and a hidden menu for the parents through which they can control the volume which will be soothing for the baby’s ears. This Mp3 player comes with a 1 GB memory and three programmable playlist with a LCD display to show the track and battery status. There also an USB port and cable to put new lullabies for your babies. A headphone jack and an Ac adapter jack are also provided.

This MP3 player has preloaded music from legendry artists like Susie Tallman & Friends and even the award winning storyteller, Jim Weiss. Being only 6.5” size, the baby can carry it every where with one AA battery 40 hours of use and babies from age 0-6 can enjoy music in their own way. The price tag for this MP3 player is $49.99.

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